ZinMarketing has completely transformed our
eCommerce business. 

The team has implemented an incredibly strong marketing strategy using various platforms to help reach our target audience in a whole new way.

They have created brilliant strategies for our email marketing and Facebook ad campaigns as well as implemented a strong SMS marketing method.

In just 5 months our email list has grown from 300 emails to over 20,000 emails bringing in over 40,000 dollars in revenue a month.
ZinMarketing has also produced Facebook ads with a 10X Return on Ad spend helping increase our Facebook revenue from $600 a month to over $160,000.

The team has also introduced SMS marketing which has added a completely new way for us to reach our customers and increase revenue.

Overall ZinMarketing has increased our revenue more than 788% from quarter 1 to quarter 4 in 2020 and it continues to rise.

— Emily Y.