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“If you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.” Warren Miller

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The numbers don't lie.  

In Quarter 1 of 2022, TikTok had over 1 billion monthly active users, with 1.8 billion predicted by the end of 2022

According to the Wall Street Journal, users currently spend 17.6 million hours per day on Instagram Reels, versus 197.8 million hours per day on TikTok.  

TikTok users all over the world spend an average of 52 minutes each day on the platform, with 90% of users using it on a regular basis.

In the United States, the typical individual uses the TikTok app eight times each day.

TikTok users spent around $2.3 billion in 2021. This is an increase of 77% Y/Y from $1.3 billion in 2020.

$0K to $66K in Monthly Sales With a ROAS of 8.2

Brand was struggling maintaining CPC under $1.00 on Meta Ads.

Tested a new creative strategy and were able to immediately get CPS under $.50.

They were able to close out the month with a ROAS of 8.2 and reached $66K Revenue.

Time From Ad Launch to First Sale... 48 Hours 

We helped a new brand by setting up their paid TikTok ads and started by testing audience and creative.

During the setup phase to confirm attribution and tracking we started making sales. 

We have to point out, this is not typical.

Reduced CPA by 50% on $1M per Month Ad Spend

This company was already super successful in their business using ads on Meta.

We took their top performing offer on Meta and set up a paid strategy on TikTok.

After 1 month of testing and optimization we cut their CPA in half.

We help Ecommerce Stores grow using TikTok.

You focus on your business and outsource campaign planning, copywriting, creatives, and ROI-driven media buying.

Email Analytics

Our Unique Processes

TikTok is new. But the process of testing and optimizing a campaign BEFORE you scale it is not.

Our Rapid Fire Testing Method systematically tests creative, copy, offers, and audiences in concert with the TikTok pixel.

One thing is certain. Creative is the cornerstone of successful campaigns.

The first 3 seconds is everything.

Email Segmentation

Our Team Members Are Specialist Rock Stars

No one can be exceptional at all skills. We have skilled Account Managers which communicate strategy and progress.

We have copywriters which create offers which sell.

We have TikTok experienced video editing geniuses who have built hundreds of TikTok ads.

These are three different skill sets and are done by 3 different specialists.

If You Know You Know

There is a reason that TikTok is crazy successful and growing at an exponential pace...

their algorithms.

You only have to spend a few hours on the app to see why.

Your viewing habits quickly are turned into relevant content.

Soon you are presented with skiing TikToks, then with Pet TikToks, then with BMW... well you get the idea.

On top of that if you start searching for certain subjects TikTok is happy to oblige.

Pretty soon your feed is totally relevant to your interests. This makes is great for targeting particular audiences.

We don't do hacks, insider secrets, or short cuts, instead we offer hard work, discipline and a process that works.

Our packages are based on the goals of your brand and the marketing assets you have to work with.

Manage Your UGC Program

Managing your UGC Program takes the huge administrative burden off your desk.

You have to have a method to target Users that could help you.

You have to manage the relationship to make sure you get the assets promised.

Manage Your TikTok Ads: Creative + Media Buying

No you don't have to dance on camera.

Yes, you have to have video footage for us to work with.

We have copywriters which create offers which sell.

We video editing geniuses who have built hundreds of TikTok ads.

These are three different skill sets and are done by 3 different specialists.

Full Service: UGC + Ad Creative + Media Buying

TikTok algorithms don't care about your social network. Creative rules. And when you go full on with UGC combined with creative plus skilled media buyers, you are starting to take advantage of this platform.

Why TikTok? Why Now?

TikTok isn't only one of the hottest social media platforms on the planet right now, it's also one of the best places to be experimenting with ads.

When an ad platform is newer, they accommodate advertisers so they want to advertise on the platform.


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